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Australia’s highest selling truck maker

The close of 2016 marked Isuzu Australia Limited’s (IAL) 28th consecutive year as Australia’s highest selling truck maker, responding to the challenges of an ever-competitive Australian truck market.

Isuzu Trucks continues to out-do its already impressive track record – with 2016 sales figures the best since 2008 – selling 8,307 trucks and securing over 25 per cent of the market share. This means one in four new trucks that drove out of dealership yards in 2016 bore the iconic Isuzu badge.

Once again, IAL’s outstanding 12 per cent increase in sales volume far exceeded growth in the overall truck market, a fact not lost on IAL Director and Chief Operating Officer, Phil Taylor.

"This achievement is a reflection of Isuzu’s dominant status in the Australian truck market. It’s a telling result and validates our aim to successfully tap into the needs and desires of Australian transport consumers year after year."

The keystone light-duty segment continued to underpin the total market in 2016, outstripping heavy-duty sales to lead overall growth in the Australian truck market with a volume increase of eight per cent against modest total market growth of three per cent.

The medium-duty segment saw an encouraging four per cent increase whilst heavy duty sales volume held steady on 30 per cent of the overall market.

Sales aside, 2016 was a year of notable milestones for the Isuzu brand, as Isuzu Motors Limited (Japan), celebrated 100 years of business since the company’s formation back in 1916.The achievement comes less than a year after surpassing another impressive watermark by exceeding the 25 million mark for diesel engines manufactured world-wide.

"From its humble beginnings in 1916 – as a joint venture between a Tokyo shipbuilding company and an energy producer who saw the opportunities in providing Japan with quality, durable vehicles – Isuzu have become the ‘go-to’ for reliability, innovation and safety throughout the world."

Not to be outdone, IAL also celebrated a ground-breaking year in 2016 by notching-up the sale of its 200,000th vehicle in November.

Mr. Taylor noted the importance of Isuzu’s continued focus on customer satisfaction as an underlying factor behind the local accomplishment.

"We’re consistently taking a microscope to our operations to ensure we’re doing everything within our power to meet the demands and shifting needs of Australian business owners. It’s this mantra of continued improvement that contributes heavily to these kinds of milestones."

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Australia’s highest selling truck maker
Australia’s highest selling truck maker

The close of 2016 marked Isuzu Australia Limited’s (IAL) 28th consecutive year as Australi […]