Giga Series


  • Engine:SiTEC III Diesel engines
  • Kilowatts:309 / 338 / 382 kW
  • Torque:1863-2255 Nm
  • Transmission:18-speed Eaton, 12-speed AMT, 6-speed manual, 16-speed AMT
  • GVM:24,000kg Up to 26,000kg
  • GCM:50,000kg Up to 70,000kg
  • Wheelbase:Up to 5,980mm
  • Types:Short, Medium, Long, EXY Gigamax

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"I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I am very pleased with the truck and I am sure it will serve me well over th[…]


John Stedman, Gympie
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Australia’s highest selling truck maker
Australia’s highest selling truck maker

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